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BETOSTUC MONOTECH FONDO is a plaster primer for Betostuc Monotech ( CC/0031). The product is single-component based, in powder form, ready to use, with a checked granulometry of up to 0,5 mm. It is a primer coating substance, quick-drying, suitable for levelling surfaces and creating a rough surface. BETOSTUC MONOTECH FONDO must be mixed with water to obtain a uniform and fluid paste which is easy to apply with a stainless steel spatula or trowel. The fibres in the product guarantee excellent resistance in the surfaces treated. It can be applied by immersing a fibre-glass net in the paste.

– Appearance : powder
– Apparent density : 1,40+/- 50 kg/dm3
– Density in paste : 1,55+/- 50 kg/dm3
– Granulometry : max 0,5 mm
– Dry residue : 100%
– Adherence after 28 days : 2,1 N/mm2
– Adherence after immersion in water : 0,9 N/mm2
– For internal and external use

White cement, hydrated air lime, calcium carbonate, quartz powder, soluble powder resins, methylcellulose, fibres and binding additives.

It is used before the application of Betostuc ( CC/0030) and Betostuc Monotech ( CC/0031) to eliminate imperfections and level horizontal and/or vertical surfaces : screeds, concrete, cement, tiles, etc. Gives the surface extra resistance encouraging good adhesion. Perfectly stable over time, maintains the permeability of the surface.

Preparation of surfaces
The surface must be clean, dry, without flakes, exempt from salts and humidity and without trace of oils or fatty materials. Allow the new plaster to season for at least 28 days. We recommend a preliminary test. On old or dirty surfaces, remove dust and damaged parts before applying a layer of Isoquarz. The room temperature must be between a minimum of +5 °C and a maximum of +30 °C. After having applied Isoquarz, wait 24 hours before applying the first coat.

Preparation of the mixture
Mix by slowly pouring a sack of 25 Kg of BETOSTUC MONOTECH FONDO in about 6 ± 6,5 litres of clean water, continuing to stir with an electric stirrer, until the product is completely mixed. After having obtained a fluid mixture, allow it to settle for a few minutes and then stir again before applying.

After having applied Isoquarz (if flooring is involved we advise soaking and applying a fibre glass net 145 g/ mq 4×4, 5 mm (article code LM/1180), wait for it to dry and apply a coat of Betostuc Monotech Fondo. Apply with brush, trowel or spatula. The product can be applied in one or more layers, wait for the previous layer to be completely dry before applying the next. After use, clean equipment with water.

Packaging and storage
BETOSTUC MONOTECH FONDO is packed in paper sacks of 25 Kg. The product stored in sacks maintains its qualities without alteration for a period of 12 months if stored in a dry place and in
the original packaging.

Health and safety regulations
Ventilate during application. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes, in the case of contact wash immediately and abundantly with water. Keep out of the reach of children. For further information consult the health and safety sheet.

Dispose of the product according to local regulations. The containers must be re-cycled. The above results are obtained from laboratory tests (obtained at T=21°C ± 2°C e U.R.=60% ± 10% ) and may vary from results obtained in working environments due to the different condition s of the product, method of application and in particular for the quantity of water exceeding the indicated levels.