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New tendencies in the world of restoration and decoration bring the re-discovery of traditional and charming pictoral techniques such as “glazing”. In painting, “glazing” means a coat of colour that is applied on an already painted dry area in order to allow the previous coat to show through.

Velacolor is a binder that highlights the characteristics of glossines, luminosity, chromatic beauty of natural earth and of the pigments used to obtain « glazing » on all wall surfaces. The semi-transparency of the earths offers a varied chromatic effect with an antique flavour, which can be personalised according to the tastes of the user. VELACOLOR is a water-repellent product with good permeability to water vapour. It is recommended for the protection and decoration of internal and external wall surfaces. It does not contain dangerous substances and has a very low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Lime water, methylcellulose, latex, flower essences, vegetable anti-foaming agents, natural preservatives.

VELACOLOR can be applied to any porous surface : limebased plaster, painted surfaces, marmorino, plaster, lime/cement, plaster cement, water-based paint.

Preparation of surfaces
The surface to be treated must be clean, dry, without flakes, exempt from salts and humidity and without traces of oils or fatty materials. Allow the new plaster to season for at least 28 days. We recommend a preliminary test is carried out.

Preparation of the mixture
In order to obtain a thorough dispersion of the pigment, we recommend the addition of 20-25% of Pentasol TR/1000 in the water in which the pigment is added.

Stir well before use. Do not apply to frozen, humid or too warm surfaces, on windy days or with strong heat. Temperature of use : from +5 °C to +30 °C. It is possible to obtain an infinite number of colours by mixing with VELACOLOR NEUTRO our various earths, lacquers, oxides, and pigments for artists. (1 – 6 % to obtain a glazing effect), (10 – 15 % to obtain a semi-matt appearance).
By applying more coats, a more intense tonality is obtained. The product does not compromise the the breathability of the surface. In order to obtain an aged appearance, coats of different
colours can be applied. This gives the wall surface an appearance of age and wear. On irregular surfaces with high absorption capacity, it can be diluted with 10% water.

VELACOLOR is ready to use in the various colours : Yellow ochre, natural T.Siena, burnt T.Siena, Brentonico green, Ercolean red, cobalt blue, Provencal orange, antique red, Tuff, gold, white and other colours on request.

In the case that with time one wishes to change the effect on the wall, it can be re-covered with a normal water-based paint. Protect doors, windows, curtains and in general all items that should not be painted. Any stains or splashes should be immediately removed with water.

The indicated yield of the product is: about 8/10 m2/lt (depending on the absorption of the surface). To determine the exact requirement, carry out a preliminary test.

Equipment for application
On white or coloured plaster (ideal for our lime-based paints) VELACOLOR can be applied with a synthetic velvet tampon, sponge, brush or cloth, depending on the desired effect. Wash  equipment with water after use.

Packaging and storage
Tins of 0,75 ml , buckets of 5 and 15 lt . The product should be stored in a cool and dry place, in the original containers which should be well-sealed. It is stable for at least 12 months providing it is stored with a temperature not inferior to +5°C or superior to + 30°C.

Health and safety regulations
Ventilate during application. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes, in the case of contact wash immediately and abundantly with water. Keep out of the reach of children. For further information consult the health and safety sheet.

Dispose of the product according to local regulations. Containers must be re-cycled.

VOC Volatile organic compounds
This product contains max 2,74 g/l VOC.