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Natural matt water based paint for indoor and outdoor wooden surfaces that have not been treated or sanded.

This natural and ecological paint is uniquely formulated with natural ingredients and protects wood as well as allowing it to breath.

Wheat powder and linseed oil base.

Paint for match-board or large surfaces of rough wood. Should not be applied to already-painted wood, to non-porous wood or to oily woods (cedar, tropical woods…).
Can be applied to all other absorbable interior surfaces (plaster, plaster-board, OSB panels).

Preparation of surfaces
No pre-treatment is necessary on new surfaces. On already-painted or deteriorated surfaces, it is necessary to completely remove the existing paint. Before painting, brush or wash the wooden surface. The old paint can be removed with high pressure cleaners but avoid using maximum pressure so as not to damage the wood and allow it to dry completely (3 or 4 days). Preparation of the paint mixture. The product is ready to use . Stir well before use. For the first coat, dilute with about 10 % water, for the second coat, do not dilute.

Protect the floor, gutters and windows with paper or plastic. Leave the protection for a few days, until the paint has completely dried. Do not apply on surfaces heated by the sun, or on moist wood (the humidity of the wood must be less than 15%). Consult the wood supplier. Do not apply with temperatures below +5°C or if there is a risk of freezing conditions. In the case of risk or the  presence of mould, a preventative treatment of Soluzione St (PA/0800) must be applied beforehand. Apply with a brush at a room temperature of between + 5° & + 30 °C and in dry weather conditions. The second coat should be applied after 24 hours. New wood can be painted directly or covered with a fine coat of Splash stucco in polvere ST/0353 (for indoor use). Apply the paint in successive fine layers using a brush. Drying time SYLVACOLOR is dry to the touch after one hour. For extra security leave the protection covers of windows and floors for a few days. With heavy rain, the paint might drip and stain the lower part of the walls of the house. When applying the first coat, the paint might not fix to nails or knots in the wood but this will not happen during application of the second coat.

Protect doors, windows, curtains and in general all parts that must not be painted. Any stains or splashes must be immediately washed with water. Because the paint is a natural product, there may be differences in colour tone from one production batch to another. We advise you acquire the piant required in one purchase. Colours The product is neutral in colour. It can be coloured from 4% to 8% with powdered pigments (oxides and earths). For a better dispersion of the pigment in the paint, we advise the addition of Pentasol TR/1000 in a percentage of about 20-25% to
the water in which the pigment is mixed. Available colours : red, light red, ochre, brown, black, blue, green, white.

PITTURA SYLVACOLOR covers an area of about 5m² to 9m² per litre with a non-diluted coat, according to the type and level of absorption of the surface. To determine the exact consumption of
the product, carry out a preliminary test.

Equipment for application
Brush. Wash all equipment with soap and water after use.