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A breathable, ecological quartz sand-based base coat obtained

through an attentive blend of non-toxic and highly biodegradable

chemical additives, selected quartz rocks and first class silica sands, all

bound together with acrylic in-emulsion resins



Product with a very low content of volatile organic solvents (VOC).

Excellent cohesion and elasticity, good breathability, good resistance

to weathering. ISOQUARZ thus exerts a function of reinforcement of

the surface and doesn’t give rise to instances of detachment from the

wall. It allows in this way an optimal anchorage, resulting in a long

lasting final result. Solid content : 57 %



Quartz sand, silica sand, white titanium oxide, acrylic in-emulsion

resins, water, cellulose, natural preservatives, vegetable anti-foaming



Support surfaces

ISOQUARZ, thanks to its characteristics, is applied to every kind of

surface and is also excellent in supporting further layers : paintings,

plasters, marmorino stuccos, intonachinos and microcement, lime

painting, also suitable for old buildings. Particularly recommended for

plasters and drywalls. When ISOQUARZ is dry, his slightly rugged

aspect (like thin sandpaper) facilitates the anchorage of successive

finishing coats.


Preparation of surfaces

When applied to new surfaces no pre-treatment is necessary. On

already tinted and/or degraded surfaces the existing layer, owing to

the problems of cohesion with the surface, must be

removed and any cracks must be filled with putty. The background

must be clean, dry, not friable, without salts or humidity, oil traces or

greasy substances. Leave the new plaster to dry for at least 28

days. A preliminary test after this phase is recommended.



Stir well before use.

Do not lay on upon a frozen, humid or eccessively hot surface, nor

during a day with strong wind or heat. Utilisation temperature : from

+5 °C to +30 °C. On the basis of the desired result, it can be used

alone or diluted with maximum : 1 part of ISOQUARZ per 1 part of

water. After applying ISOQUARZ, wait 24 hours before applying the

first layer of paint or

of finishing intonachino. Wash the tools with

water after use.



Protect doors, windows, structures and in general all parts which do

not need to be painted. Any stain or spray must be immediately

removed with water



ISOQUARZ has a yield ranging from 8 to 14 m²/ lt according to

absorption, diluition and type of surface.


How to apply the paint

ISOQUARZ can be laid with a brush, a roller or by spraying.


Containers and storage

5 lt or 15 lt plastic buckets

Specific weight : kg 1,550 g x lt ISOQUARZ must be stored inside

original well-sealed containers and remains stable for at least 12

months, provided that it is kept in places with a temperature not

below +5°C and not above +30°C.


Safety norms

Ventilate during laying.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes, in case of contact wash immediately

and abundantly with water. Keep out of the reach of children. Please

refer to the safety data sheet for information regarding toxins.



Dispose of the product according to the local regulations. Empty

containers must be recycled.


Volatile Organic Compounds VOC

EU limit value for this VOC product 30g/l

Category A/h liquid phase :

This product contains max 0,02 g/l VOC. In accordance with the

standard ISO 11890-2:2006. Reference to the decision of the

Commission of the European Communities 2009/544/CE



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