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Water-based woodstain either colourless or coloured, with a base of modified wax dispersers and pigments. Particularly suitable in the treatment of wooden products : wooden cladding, wooden beams, doors and windows, entrances, shutters, furniture, cork panelling.

Powerful level of surface penetration, offers a uniform colour and a clear waxed appearance on the surface, highlighting the natural structure of the wood without trace of stains. Owing to the characteristics of its formulation, it offers excellent water resistance to the treated surface and is therefore also recommended for outdoor use. Its characteristics give the treated surface a water resistant quality but allowing permeability to water vapour, with a pearled surface effect (water cannot penetrate the wood). The use of pigments highly resistant to light reduces the absorption
of solar radiation, limiting the damage to the wood caused by the deteriorating effect of sunlight. Contains ecological preservatives and protects against natural deterioration preventing the appearance of stains , moulds and funghi.

Water-based acrylic resins, diluted waxes, cellulose, water, wetting and dispersing agents, natural preservatives and anti UV agents.

IMPREGNANTE ALL’ACQUA is transparent and thanks to the Color Grain colouring system, it is possible to obtain 60 colours with our collection of universal colouring pastes, which are non toxic and do not contain VOC’s. Many colours can also be made from our earth pigments, lacquers, oxides and pigments for artists. The desired colour is obtained by mixing into IMPREGNANTE ALL’ACQUA a maximum of 50 g. per litre of product after having diluted it with water. We advise to prepare a sample to check the colour. Once the colouring agent has been added to the transparent base (colouring pastes are not relevant), apply the product soon after, to avoid it becoming too dense.

Preparation of surfaces
The surface must be clean and dry and without trace of fatty substances, resin residue, dust or oil. Eliminate all varnish and paint from the wooden surface. If necessary, de-grease tropical or oily woods with our ecological solvent Ecos DN/0003.

IMPREGNANTE ALL’ACQUA is ready to use, stir before application. The minimum temperature for application is 10 °C ; in any case work in conditions when the temperature of the surface is at least 3 °C above dew-point, which can be obtained from hygrometric diagrams. Drying : dry to the touch after about 30 minutes at 23 °C, 65% U.R. and good ventilation. Can be sand-papered after about 2-4 hours in the same conditions. Drying time depends on the combined action of temperature, relative humidity, ventilation and the type of wood. For good protection of the surface, we advise repainting after 3 to 4 years depending on the level of exposure to the elements. It can be easily sand-papered or brushed and can be painted over with both water-based or solvent-based paints.

The product is ready to use.

Protect doors, windows, curtains and in general all parts that should not be painted. Any stains or splashes should be immediately removed with water.

The normal yield of IMPREGNANTE ALL’ACQUA is : about 6- 14 m²/lt (according to the absorption and type of wood). Carry out a preliminary test to determine the exact requirement.

Equipment for application
Application systems : brush, air-brush, immersion. Transfer efficiency : 30-45% with airbrush ; 90-95% by immersion; 90- 99% with brush.

Packaging and storage
Tins of 750 ml, 2,5lt and buckets of 15lt. The product should be kept in the original containers, which should be wellsealed. The product maintains its technical properties for 8 months if stored correctly in a fresh and dry place which is not subject to freezing conditions. The room temperature should not be inferior to +10°C or superior to + 30°C. Avoid long contact with metallic equipment that is not stainless steel ; in particular avoid aluminium and zinc.

Health and safety regulations
Ventilate during application. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes, in the case of contact wash immediately and abundantly with water. Keep out of the reach of children. For further information, consult the health and safety sheet.

Dispose of the product according to local regulations. Containers must be re-cycled.

EU Classification
Volatile organic compounds VOC. Category A/e liquid phase : valore limite di VOC : 130 g/l. Maximum content of VOC = 5,35 gr/lt