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IDRO-REP ACQUA is a water-based, solvent-free solution of potassium metasilicate. When used in a concentrated form it gives mineral-based construction materials an effective water-resistant quality as well as a chemical barrier against rising damp.

Once applied, the product reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air and is transformed into polymethylsiliconate acid, which develops Its water-resitant qualities after about 24 hours from  application. Once dry, IDRO-REP ACQUA is invisible so the natural appearance of the materials remains completely unaltered. IDROREP ACQUA is chemically stable and does not alter when exposed To U.V. rays.

Water-based solution of potassium metasilicate.

The majority of porous mineral multi-layer surfaces can be treated with IDRO-REP ACQUA. These include : Natural stone, mineral plaster and lime-based coverings. Raw ceramic products such as roof slates, bricks, terracotta vases, concrete, fibre-cement panels, plaster and plasterboard, chemical-based barriers for rising damp.

Preparation of surfaces
Before application, it is advisable to clean the surface, in order to eliminate soluble salts, mould or friable elements.

Stir well before use. Apply on dry surfaces, not exposed to bright sunlight. Do not apply if the temperature is less than +5°C or more than +35°C . Low pressure air brushes, brushes or rollers can be used ror application: In all cases ensure there is a uniform application With total impregnation of the surface.

IDRO-REP ACQUA is ready to use in its most effective level of concentration. It is possible to dilute with water at a ratio of 1:1 Apply carefully with brush or spray and avoid the possibility of the liquid running on the surface. Incorrect application can cause marks or whitish stains. The water-resistant effect requires 24 hours from application. For this reason the surface must be protected from contact with water. During application, in particular with the mechanical action of brush or roller, important foam is created. This phenomenon, which disappears completely during the drying phase, does not affect in any way the final result, on the contrary, it guarantees better penetration.

Protect vegetation and all surfaces that are not to be treated with plastic sheets.

The optimal quantity should be determined by doing a preliminary test on a small area of the surface. The yield depends on the level of absorption of the surface : The normal yield varies between 100 and 200g/m².

Packaging and storage
Plastic bottles of 1 L and plastic cans of 5 l – 25 l. The product must be stored in its original container. Well-sealed, it is stable for at least 12 months, providing it is stored in a well-ventilated room (do not expose to heat sources) where the temperature is not inferior to +5°C and not superior to +30°C.

Health and safety regulations
Ventilate during application. Wear protective gloves and clothing as well as equipment to protect the eyes and face. Keep out of the reach of children. Please refer to the safety data sheet for further information regarding toxins.

Empty containers must be re-cycled.

Classification UE
Volatile organic compounds VOC
Category A/g water-based : Limit of 30 g/l VOC. Content of VOC = 3,83 g/l