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The objective to contribute to environmental compatibility and

therefore a more safe and responsible use is the basis for this

new ecological paint. Water-based paints have made a significant

contribution to the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere.

EVERGREEN is an ecological water-based washable matt

paint for decorating and protecting internal walls and cielings.



EVERGREEN is a paint oriented to the future, protecting the

environment and the user.

EVERGREEN, owing to its particular composition, is exempt

from glycols and dangerous substances.

EVERGREEN gives an excellent matt appearance to support

surfaces, offering good resistance to dirt as well as an excellent

whiteness. It permits a good overlay and is composed of quality


EVERGREEN is a paint with a low level of volatile organic

substances (VOC).

EVERGREEN is particularly recommended for use in where

people stay for long periods such as bedrooms and children’s

rooms, owing to its ecological properties.



EVERGREEN : water, soya oil, methyl cellulose, white

titanium oxide, flower essences, calcium carbonate, latex,

moisturising agents and dispersers, circa 0.1% of preservatives.


Support surfaces

EVERGREEN can be applied to various types of surfaces such as

normal plaster (cement, lime, mixed plaster), gypsum, plasterboard,

fibre-cement including painted surfaces. The product should be

applied to dry, non flakey surfaces exempt from salts and



Preparation of surfaces

On new surfaces there is no need for any preparatory treatments.

On already painted surfaces or degrades ones, eliminate existing

paint showing problems of adhesion to the surface, fill any cracks

with filler and apply a coat of ecological fixer Isofree (IS/0245),

diluted 1/7 or 1/8 to re-aggregate the surface and make it uniform.

After applying Isofree wait 6-8 hours before applying the first

coat of EVERGREEN.



Stir well before use.

This paint should normally be diluted with about 15% – 20%

water, according to the conditions of the application, the nature

of the surface and the tools used.

Apply two coats, The product dries on the surface after 4 – 6

hours and in depth after 24 hours.

Do not apply below a temperature of +5°C or above +35°C

or with humidity >80%.

Wash tools with water after use.



EVERGREEN washable paint is white and thanks to the tinting system

Imagine, Elements , Ral, Ncs it is possible to produce over 1000

Colours with our collection of universal colouring pastes, which are

non toxic and VOC free.



Protect doors, windows, frames and any surfaces that should not be

painted. Any stains or splashes should be immediately removed with




EVERGREEN covers 9 – 11 m /lt depen2ding on absorption and the

type of surface.


How to apply the paint

EVERGREEN can be applied by brush or roller or it can be sprayed.


Containers and storage

Plastic buckets of 4 lt and 15 lt. EVERGREEN must be stored in the

original containers which must be well-closed. It is stable for at least

12 months providing temperatures are not blelow +5°C or above 30°C.


Health and safety regulations

Ventilate during application. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes.

In case of contact, wash thoroughly with plenty of water.

Keep out of the reach of children. Please check the safety sheet for

data regarding toxins.



Dispose of the product according to local regulations..

Empty containers must be re-cycled.


Data sheet