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EASY FLOOR is a single-component water-based matt paint for the protection and decoration of indoor and outdoor floors and walls. The polymer content gives excellent resistance to light,
to abrasion and to bad weather conditions in general. Suitable for concrete floors, it offers a pleasant matt appearance in both residential and commercial buildings.

EASY FLOOR should be applied on clean, dry and smooth surfaces, exempt of salt deposits and humidity and without traces of oils or fatty substances. No pre-treatment is necessary on new surfaces, on already painted or deteriorated surfaces, it is necessary to remove the existing paint and dust or brush the surface clean. It is advisable to carry out a preliminary test before application.

Apply one or two coats by brush, short-haired roller, or spray. The product will dry on the surface in about 1-2 hours and in depth in 24 hours. We recommend that the second coat be applied 6 – 8
hours after the first coat. Do not apply with temperatures below +15°C or superior to +35°C. The “Wet look” increases with the number of coats applied. Wash equipment with water after use.

Packaging and storage
EASY FLOOR should be stored in a fresh and dry place, in the original containers, which should be well-sealed. It is stable for at least twelve months providing the temperature does not drop to
below +5°C or rise to more than +30°C.