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BETOSTUC MONOTECH is the result of

in-depth research and has been subject to

numerous tests with innovative raw materials

in order to facilitate its preparation and



plaster finish for internal floor surfaces and

walls (both internal and external).

It permits a smooth finish with characteristics

of good resistance.

Perfectly stable over time, it maintains

the permeability of the surface with natural

protection against mould and bacteria.



UNI EN 13813 norms.

The product has notable advantages :

  1. For preparation you simply add water.
  2. Easy mixing without forming lumps.
  3. Smooth, facilitating application.
  4. It can be used for long periods after

mixing without drying.

  1. Excellent resistance to abrasion and

good elasticity.

  1. Good water resistance offering

excellent permeability to water vapour.

  1. Respects the environment, certificate A+.



White cement,


Slaked lime, calcium carbonate,

quartz powder, white titanium oxide,

dispersible powder resins, methyl cellulose,

fibre additives, binding agents.


BETOSTUC MONOTECH should be applied

to dry, non flakey surfaces exempt from salts

and humidity.

See table below.

Preparation of floor surfaces

After applying Isoquarz (IS/0255)

if flooring is involved, it is recommended to

apply and soak a fibre-glass mesh

of 145 g/mq 4×4,5 mm (LM/1180),

Wait for it to dry and apply a coat of

B etostu c Monotech Fondo

CC/0012 (see product data sheet)

Level-off imperfections on horizontal and/or

vertical surfaces, underlays, concrete,

cellular concrete, bricks, cement blocks,

tiles etc.

Betostuc Monotech Fondo gives the

surface a stronger resistance, facilitating

application. Perfectly stable over time,

It maintains the permeability of the surface.

Wait for the surface to dry completely,

without any residue of humidity and apply

the first coat of Betostuc Monotech Fondo.



BETOSTUC MONOTECH is white. Starting

with the base colour, by adding earth

pigments, oxides or appropriate colouring

pastes, you can obtain various tonalities.


Preparation of the mix


+ circa 30 % water, (circa 5 to 6 litres).

Mix the water with the desired pigment

(filter the mix, if necessary). Carefully add


continuing to stir until the product is completely

mixed. After obtaining a fluid mix, allow the mix

to settle for some minutes and then stir again

before application.



The temperature should be in the range of

a minimum of +5 °C and a maximum of

+30 °C.


First coat

Consumption : circa 1.200 – 1.500 g/m²

Apply evenly.


(After 24 hours) Second coat

Consumption : circa 600 – 750 g/m²

Apply the second coat when the first coat is

dry, making sure that it is applied evenly in

such a way that the surface is uniform.


Third coat and polishing

Consumption : circa 200 – 250 g/m²

Proceed with the third coat whilst the second

coat is not completely dry, so that the

pressure of the stainless steel spatula

Allows penetration of the inert minerals

in the already applied base.

In the drying phase, proceed with polishing

with the steel spatula in order to obtain

a smooth effect The day after applying the

product, if necessary, sand with sand paper

(from 80 to 150) to obtain an even smoother




The product can be stored in bags for a

period of 12 months without any alteration

to its qualities, providing storage is in a dry

place and in the original packing.


Health and safety regulations

Ventilate during application. Avoid contact

with the skin and eyes, in case of contact

wash immediately and abundantly with water.

Keep out of the reach of children.

For further information please see the safety




Dispose of the product according to local

regulations. Empty containers must be



Optional protective finishing coats

Nippolin Poly B bicomponent in water

phase (matt finish PL/1245 or gloss –


Consumtion : circa 8 -10 m²/ lt. Allow surfaces

to dry for circa 3 days, then proceed to apply

with brush or roller in two stages.

Do not apply at temperatures below + 15 °

or above + 40°C.

Consult the technical data sheet of the product.

or Easy-Floor (matt/satin finish

PL/1240 or gloss PL/1241), water based

with low VOC. Consumption approx

7 – 8 m²/ lt. Allow the surface to dry for approx

3 days, then proceed to apply with a brush or

roller in two stages. Do not apply with temperature

below + 15°C or above + 40°C.

It’s possible to finish with one or two coats of

Beeswax and Carnauba wax (CE/0300).

See technical data sheet of the product.

Beeswax and Carnauba wax (gloss finish)

Consumtion : circa 10 – 14 m²/lt.

Allow the surface to dry for at least 3 days, then

proceed to apply the wax with a steel spatula

and apply uniformly. Before completely dry,

Polish with cotton cloth. Consult data sheet.


Data sheet